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I’ve been exploring Substack for a while alongside considering the most fitting and comfortable way to begin sharing creative writing online. Instinctively I’m not keen to post early or finished work to my main site completely cold.

I found this idea of gently building a group of subscribers who have elected through their own interest to follow my work more appealing. It is part of a suite of approaches to sharing my wider creative and professional practice, how I work and what I’m interested in alongside exploring newer ways to earn a freelance income. I also promise to try and write in shorter sentences.

I aim to send fairly regular posts, at least once a month. If you subscribe by email, you’ll receive every post directly. The full archive will also be available on the Rough Hewn website.

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I’ve really enjoyed exploring Substack for my own projects and discovering others. To find out more about the company that provides the tech for this newsletter, visit

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